RCMP vehicles. (File photo)

RCMP vehicles. (File photo)

Kelowna RCMP arrest hammer-waving man twice in one day

‘This man has generated over 22 police files this year’

A man waving a hammer at people on the waterfront walkway of Bernard Avenue was arrested around 11:30 a.m. Sunday (Aug. 7).

He was also accused of causing damage to parked vehicles and spewing racial vulgarities at people, including young children with their families. RCMP had arrested and released him from custody earlier in the day after another call.

RCMP said he is “known to be street-entrenched, with mental health and substance use challenges.” The man has resisted community outreach supports and does not appear to be on any housing wait lists, according to police.

“This man has generated over 22 police files this year, mostly for causing a disturbance and mischief, but also including violent and other non-violent offences,” said Const. Mike Della-Paolera, media relations officer.

During this most recent file, the man was successfully arrested but while being transported to cells, purposely defecated in the rear seat of the police vehicle, added Della-Paolera.

“This is an example of the challenges police are dealing with every day. We are continually arresting individuals for repeat criminal offences, but have no legal authorities to hold them in custody, and the complexities of their social and personal lives are such that we are stuck in a cycle of catch and release.”

The man is facing four new charges from Sunday’s incident.

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