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More heat warnings coming for B.C.’s Southern Interior: Environment Canada

High temperatures are forecasted for much of the region this week
The heat warnings come after many areas in the region are battling wildfires and drought from the lack of rain. (Pexels)

More severe heat is in store for B.C.’s Southern Interior, according to Environment Canada, posing a concern for increased health risks and fire activity in the area.

Meteorologist Doug Lundquist confirmed this morning (July 26) that heat warnings will be issued today.

The warnings come as much of the region is battling wildfires and drought due to a lack of rain and conditions are not lining up to help the fire situation. Many parts of the Interior, such as Kelowna, have not seen significant precipitation since December, said Lundquist. Currently, there is no rain forecasted for the upcoming week.

“This is all a result of climate change, which brings hotter weather events to the area. The dry land from the droughts are easy to heat up, resulting in higher temperatures,” said Lundquist.

Lundquist said the heat won’t quite hit the levels it did in June but temperatures in the mid to high-30s are expected.

The heat and smoky skies also poses health concerns. Lundquist recommends that people stay indoors, hydrated and cool as much as they can during this time. If you have to work outdoors, ask to be rescheduled so you won’t be working during the hottest time of the day, said Lundquist. He also said to cover up with light clothing and wear a hat if possible.

“We need to focus on helping vulnerable people cool down and stay hydrated in this heat. We’ve already lost hundreds of people in the last heat wave and during this wildfire season,” said Lundquist.

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