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Morning Start: Our nostrils split the workload

Your morning start for Friday, June 4, 2021

Good morning and a very happy Friday! The wave of warm weather continues today, but the cooling trend is projected to begin tomorrow.

Fun fact: Our nostrils split the workload

Ever wonder why your nose gets stuffy one nostril at a time? According to Mental Floss, it’s because our nostrils split the workload.

Throughout the day, our nostrils operate within the nasal cycle, where they each alternate between congested and decongested.

Even if your nose isn’t congested, one nostril is doing most of the breathing work, while a much smaller amount of air passes through the other, as you breathe in and out through your nose.

“Every few hours, your autonomic nervous system, which takes care of your heart rate, digestion and other things you don’t consciously control, switches things up and your other nostril does all the heavy lifting for a little while,” states the article.

“The opening and closing of the two passages is done by swelling and deflating erectile tissue — the same stuff that’s at work when your reproductive organs are aroused — up in your nose.”

Weather forecast from Environment Canada:

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Salmon Arm

In Vernon:


In case you missed it:

As Vernonites watch the mercury climb into the 30s, some have wondered when the beloved waterslide park is set to open.

The newly rebranded Splashdown Vernon, formerly Atlantis Waterslides, is gearing up to open its doors on Canada Day (July 1).

COVID-19 guidelines remain in place as directed by provincial health orders and are subject to change as defined by B.C.’s Restart Plan.

Read the full story here.

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