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PHOTOS: Missing dog found stuck underneath boulder; rescued by Penticton fire crews

Crews teamed up with the dog’s owner to make the save

A dog who went missing during a cold, snowy holiday week in Penticton was later found and rescued by local fire crews after getting stuck underneath a boulder.

The Penticton Fire Department teamed up with the dog’s owner at the 3000-block of Valleyview Road on Tuesday, Dec. 20, to make the save, using wood fence poles and moving the large rocks away from the pet’s legs.

According to assistant fire chief Rob Trupp, the dog managed to get its legs trapped amongst some large rocks in an orchard before three members of the department responded at around 3:30 p.m.

“The Penticton Fire Department is trained and readily available to provide rescue services to animals in distress,” Trupp said.

Crews were able to move the large rocks enough, in order for the owner to pull his pet free.

The dog appeared to be uninjured, the assistant fire chief added.

It is unknown how long the dog was missing before it was located.

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