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Plastic sorting simplified at Columbia Shuswap Regional District recycle depots

RecycleBC recently expanded list of accepted items
Plastic bags and overwrap can now be combined with other flexible plastic packaging for deposit at recycling depots in the Columbia Shuswap Regional District. (CSRD photo)

There’s one step less step to sorting recyclables at Columbia Shuswap Regional District (CSRD) recycling depots.

The task of separating plastic bags and overwrap from other flexible plastic packaging (crinkly wrappers, stand-up zipper-lock pouches, etc.) is no longer required. The CSRD recently announced flexible plastics can now be deposited together into one collection bin at its recycle depots.

“With this change, squishy cushion packaging (polyethylene foam), which was not previously accepted, can now also be included in the Flexible Plastics collection category, as it is compatible with the same recycling process,” said the CSRD, which partners with RecycleBC to deliver the residential recycling program at landfills and transfer stations, and works with private operators, like bottle depots, to set up drop-off sites at their locations.

In January, the CSRD announced RecycleBC had expanded the list of recyclables being accepted at depots and in home recycling programs.

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These items include the following single-use products and packaging-like products:

• Recyclable with paper products – paper party decor (paper decorations, signs, hats, tablecloths, pinatas); paper gift bags; and boxes and cardboard moving/filing boxes.

• Recyclable with containers – plastic plates, bowls and cups; paper plates, bowls and cups (with thin plastic lining); plastic food storage containers; plastic cutlery and straws; plastic hangers (that come with clothing); aluminum foil wrap; aluminum foil baking dishes and pie plates; and metal storage tins (thin gauge).

• Recyclable with flexible plastics (at depots only) – Plastic sandwich and freezer bags; plastic shrink wrap; flexible plastic drop sheets and covering; flexible plastic bubble wrap (no bubble wrap-lined paper); flexible plastic recycling bags (blue, clear bags, or yellow or blue bags used for curbside collection); flexible plastic carryout shopping bags (reusable).

“This expanded material list will allow more material to be recycled and keep it out of landfills and the environment,” said the CSRD. “Residents play a key role in recycling this material as the first step in the process – allowing materials to be collected – by putting it in their bins or taking it to a depot.”

View the full list of newly accepted recyclable materials at
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