RCMP report potential child luring incident in Golden

A middle-aged, caucasian man reportedly offered a young girl a ride home on Thursday

RCMP are offering ‘street smart’ tips on how to protect kids, after a potential child luring incident in Golden on Thursday. (RCMP photo)

RCMP are offering ‘street smart’ tips on how to protect kids, after a potential child luring incident in Golden on Thursday. (RCMP photo)

The Golden/Field RCMP is offering safety tips to the community after a potential child luring incident was reported last week.

According to RCMP, a young girl was approached by an older man in a vehicle at approximately 3 p.m. on March 10.

She said she was walking back from school on 11th Street S. and was asked if she wanted a ride.

The girl responded with ‘no’ and proceeded to tell an adult, who alerted her parents and advised police, who informed local schools of the incident.

The man is described as middle-aged, caucasian, in a dark-coloured sedan with an unknown licence plate.

The young girl demonstrated excellent street smarts by telling the man no, said Const. Brandon Churchill with the Golden RCMP detachment.

“It is important to have ongoing conversations with children and teens about staying safe when they are away from home.”

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Here are several tips the RCMP have offered to get the conversation started with your kids and help teach them to be street smart:

  • Tell them it’s okay to say NO to adults who ask you to do something for them, such as: help them find a lost pet, join them in an activity or game, or give them directions.
  • Avoid long conversations with strangers. If someone you do not know asks you personal questions, such as: Where do you live? DO NOT answer! Run away or leave the situation immediately.
  • Never walk with or accept a ride, money or gifts from strangers or even someone you may know, without checking with your parents first.
  • Keep a safe distance (two arm lengths) from strangers and cars that approach you.
  • If a person tries to grab you – scream loudly, make a lot of noise, and try to create a disturbance (e.g. knock things over, scatter belongings, kick wildly). Shout, Help, this person is not my parent! Run to a safe location like an open store, and look for someone with a nametag.
  • If a vehicle is involved, try to take notes describing the suspicious vehicle, license plate, and the stranger’s description. Call 9-1-1 or a trusted adult for help.
  • Reduce the use of headphones or use of electronic devices that can distract you from your surroundings when you are walking alone.

More tips are available at BC RCMP Safety Tips for Children and Youth.