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Salmon Arm to sizzle this weekend

Environment Canada forecasts record-breaking temperatures as a large ridge of high pressure builds over the Shuswap.
Temperatures are expected to break records this weekend

Find a cool spot and drink a lot of water.

It's going to be sunny and hot this weekend – really hot, record-breaking hot!

Temperatures are expected to begin climbing up over records on Saturday, with a forecast of 32 C.

The forecast for Sunday is 34 C and Monday cools slightly to a still-sizzling 33.

"When you consider  21 is normal for the period, it's incredible," says Environment Canada meteorologist Matt McDonald.

Weekend temperatures are expected to exceed previous records: 34 C set on June 4, 1978; 33.9 C set on June 5, 1969 and 32.8 C set on June 6, 1969.

"What's happening is we're seeing the return of a big, honking  ridge of high pressure that was with us all of April and felt like summer already," said McDonald, noting the second, gloomier half of May was appropriate weather for the period.

The ridge of high pressure is expected to deliver hot sunny days until at least the end of next week.


"It looks like it will break down next Friday and typically that means a good lightning event," McDonald says.