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Semis collide on Bruhn Bridge

Driver charged after westbound transport truck crosses double solid lines

Sicamous RCMP say a collision between two semis on the Bruhn Bridge Friday morning could have had substantially worse results.

Sgt. Murray McNeil reports at 11:30 a.m on Oct. 6, a westbound tractor trailer sideswiped an eastbound tractor trailer on the bridge. Police arrived on the scene to find the drivers of both rigs had parked on the shoulder of Highway 1 while the bridge remained littered with debris from the collision.

“The investigation determined that the driver of the westbound semi crossed the centre of the bridge into the lane of the oncoming eastbound truck,” said McNeil.

The driver’s side mirrors were sheared off both rigs while the front corner of the westbound trailer was torn open. McNeil adds the eastbound trailer also suffered significant damage.

Neither driver was injured.

Despite the debris, the highway remained open following the collision.

McNeil said the driver of the westbound truck, a 51-year-old Ontario man, was charged with crossing a double solid line.

“The incident could have easily resulted in significant injuries to the drivers, and a lengthy closure of the No. 1 highway… was narrowly avoided,” said McNeil.