The majority of city council voted in favour of this design for a new Salmon Arm flag in May of 2021. (City of Salmon Arm image)

The majority of city council voted in favour of this design for a new Salmon Arm flag in May of 2021. (City of Salmon Arm image)

Students tell Salmon Arm council there’s still time to fix that flag

Grade 9 class first wrote to city politicians in early 2021 to say the new flag just doesn’t fly

Interest in a civic issue in Salmon Arm hasn’t flagged over time.

Teacher Ryon Ready’s Grade 9 French immersion students have once again written to city council, inquiring about the future of the flag.

About 25 students either signed or initialled the same letter, expressing their dislike for the flag, but adding there is still time to work with youth and local artists to come up with a new and better design. About 10 students signed a different letter, asking council to reconsider the flag or, if council won’t revisit it, to put it up around town.

A third letter came from Ready, which began by thanking council members for all the work they do for the community.

“Secondly, thank you for tolerating one annoying young teacher’s passion project and (hopefully) relatively neutral way of introducing our young students how to engage with a civic issue.”

Students also provided input and new designs to council in Febrary 2021.

Ready noted the letters and flag designs submitted were entirely his students,’ based on studying the principles of flag design mentioned in the students’ two letters.

The two letters referred to five principles for a good flag; 1) 2-3 different colours; 2) no words; 3) simple; 4) unique; and 5) symbolic.

One letter stated: “While our current flag does follow some of these principles it breaks more of these than it follows, as it is not symbolic, it has words and is not unique at all.

“Our current flag is a great slogan, but a terrible flag…”

Ready also said he understands the new flag is the town slogan and is in line with all the new branding. However, he said he has yet to find the flag hanging from a flagpole in the city, so he thought it was worthwhile to keep engaging on the issue.

Ready said a town-wide design contest with criteria laid out would be a great way to get the community engaged with the new image and direction the city is fostering with its installation of new parks’ signs and banners.

Members of council did not make comment on the letters at the June 27 meeting where they were listed as correspondence. The letters were listed with an ‘N’ beside them in the agenda, which stands for ‘No action required.’

Coun. Debbie Cannon and Mayor Alan Harrison were absent.

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