Water service disrupted along Silver Sands Road

Drilling related to Bruhn Bridge replacement damages water main

Water service disrupted along Silver Sands Road

District of Sicamous staff are working to restore water to residents on Silver Sands Road after a water line was damaged during exploratory work related to the Bruhn Bridge replacement project.

Operations manager Joe McCulloch anticipates water service will be restored sometime this afternoon. He said a company doing geotechnical work for the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure was drilling a hole, doing examination work related to the bridge project, when they accidentally hit a water main. The contractor is working with the district on repairs.

McCulloch said when water is restored, a 24-hour boil water advisory will be put in place for those affected by the disruption. This is to allow for testing of water samples to confirm there is no contamination.

The ministry recently began geotechnical and archaeological investigations to evaluate options for improving safety and replacing the existing two-lane Bruhn Bridge.