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LETTER: Air tankers would help with firefighting efforts

747 Boeing tanker has a large capacity
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Dear Editor:

Since we now experience summer wildfires as the norm, wouldn’t it be wise to avail ourselves of the 747 Boeing tanker airplane, which has a 19,200-gallon tank?

It’s been taken out of service by an American company because it isn’t a profitable enterprise.

I don’t think wild fire fighting actions are, or should be a for profit enterprise. Obviously they exist for the public good, and firefighters are permanently employed at taxpayers expense.

All of this expense is a bargain, considering the cost of the damage done by the wildfires. From what I read, this 747 tanker project is very effective.

In fact, why not outfit several of these planes with firefighting apparatus and keep them at the ready when the wildfire season is imminent? It would be money well spent.

At present, we have around 17 air tankers on duty, none of which has more capacity than 11,000 litres, or about 2,400 gallons. Compare that with 19,2000 gallons. While what the firefighters are presently doing is heroic, with better equipment, their job would perhaps be a bit easier and more effective.

Ron Stacy


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