Letter: Environmental elites on misguided missions

Letter: Environmental elites on misguided missions

In the Nov. 24, Shuswap Market News, I enjoyed reading Al Schalm’s viewpoint regarding the elite millionaire environmentalists in North America. High time someone from our community spoke out.

The lefties fall all over themselves in supporting the Al Gore’s, Paul Watson’s and David Suzuki’s of the world not realizing how much these multi-millionaires contribute to the very problem they squeal about. We should not forget Jane Fonda and her rants on the very country that has allowed her to prosper and become a multi-millionaire as she flies around the world telling us how wicked the oil industry, the USA and Donald Trump are?

Mr. Schalm nails the truth in his viewpoint and he is not influenced by the politically correct crowd and local left-leaners who I’m sure will squawk and lament after they read his opinion.

Mr. Schalm requires no encouragement from me but I would like to congratulate him for submitting his concerns and telling us the truth regarding these multi-millionaire elitists and their misguided missions.

Barry Campbell