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Letter: Some options to sing about

In response to Tom Brighouse’s letter of Oct. 25, I agree that enthusiasm for singing should start early in a person’s life.

Learning to use one’s voice is a powerful tool, and creating music with others, an incredible experience.

While it is lamentable that a choral experience is not being offered in schools at this time, there are other opportunities available for children to receive choral instruction in Salmon Arm.

One is St. Andrew’s Children’s Choir, a free community Children’s Choir for ages six to18.

In addition to repertoire, choristers learn vocal technique, solfege, and performance etiquette. Past performances include the Community Carol Service and the Grand Concert, both of which raised funds for local charities.

If you know of a child enthusiastic about singing, check out the rehearsal and contact info listed on the Observer’s online events calendar, and encourage them to come!

Natalia Stoney,

director, St. Andrew’s Children’s Choir