Letter to the editor about Penticton's friendliness, small town values,

Newcomer to Penticton amazed by kind, friendly residents

Stranger offers new rain ponchos, friendly words during rare spring storm

Just moved up from the Lower Mainland. Penticton is a very sweet town, even though it has its own challenges. I have noted exceptional traits from the citizens.

One day we went for walk , the skies opened up and it was a monsoon like rain, we were walking our dog and took shelter under a tree and were waiting out the storm.

After a bit of time it was still pouring. Then we saw an angel heading towards us.

It was a kind and gentle soul, she had come to give us new rain ponchos so we could head home. Such kindness, thoughtful, pleasant person in these COVID times. This shows me there is still great, wonderful people willing to help. This shows small town values. Everyone I’ve met in this town is friendly, kind, considerate, always willing to lend a hand.

So proud of Penticton’s wonderful citizens , keep it up.

Terry Methven