Parents, public need to take action on education

How much stomach does the public have for the disingenuous drivel coming out of the mouths of…

How much stomach does the public have for the disingenuous drivel coming out of the mouths of Education Minister Peter Fassbender and Christy Clark?

In response to the latest BCTF proposal that sees a drop in wage demand and a lengthening of contract, the Liberal government wastes an entire weekend of bargaining in silence and comes back with a reduction in wage offer and a declaration that it is as good as it gets. Does the Liberal mantra of “negotiation” begin to ring a bit false? Teachers appreciate kind acts of support by the public but it is time to reign in the Liberals’ enthusiasm for attacking education, health care and the disadvantaged. To the 5,000 students I have taught, the positive experience you enjoyed was not by accident. It was crafted by me, supported by a contract fought for by thousands of teachers over decades and will be a thing of the past if Liberal attacks continue. If what you experienced was of value, stand up and be heard. To the parents of these, and future students, ignore the conflicting opinions of the government and the BCTF if you must. Please consider the ample unbiased evidence in your own community; school closures, huge classes, reduction in librarians and special needs support and school board trustees and treasurers deciding “which finger to cut off” to cut costs. If you value a coherent school day with individualized attention for your child, stand up and be heard.

To the public, if you value the law and constitutional rights, stand up. Despite being found to have broken constitutional law twice and fined $2 million by the Supreme Court of B.C., the Liberal government continues to follow the same malicious course and spend millions of your tax dollars in fruitless Supreme Court appeals.

John Smith