Resolve to prioritize loved ones

New Year’s resolutions, they say, are destined to be broken.

New Year’s resolutions, they say, are destined to be broken.

But here’s one we hope will stick: Let 2017 be the year of the family.

Your family. Our families.

That means putting down the cellphone to listen to your children, spouse or anyone else who especially matters in your life.

Take time to breathe, enjoy the small things, relish human relationships and work to live more than live to work.

Life is fragile and short. Don’t forget to live yours in the time you’ve been given.

If you haven’t made a resolution, here’s a list you might consider as we launch into 2017:

Resolve to be a good listener.

Resolve to exercise more.

Resolve to have at least one good idea each day.

Resolve to learn more about everything.

Resolve to stop and help.

Resolve to worry less and laugh more.

Resolve to stop and stare at the stars.

Resolve to hug.

Resolve to hold a hand.

Resolve to forgive.

Resolve to understand.

Resolve to count to 10.

Resolve to walk across the grass in your bare feet.

Resolve to tackle one item on your bucket list.

Resolve to give your time.

Resolve to be better, in all ways.

Resolve to not break any of the above.


That should keep you busy in 2017.

-Kamloops This Week