Stomp well-run event for community

I would like to comment on this year’s Salmon Arm Summer Stomp.

I would like to comment on this year’s Salmon Arm Summer Stomp. I reside in the Silver Creek area and every year I have watched scores of motorcycles roll past my place during the weekend of the stomp. I had never attended one until this year when I brought my street vending cart to the new site. I was impressed right from the start as vendor rates are decent and the site was well organized with water and power available for all vendors.

Once festivities got underway, I was even more impressed. Everyone in attendance was fantastic; my partner and I served up almost 400 smokies to hungry motorcycle enthusiasts and every single one of those folks was a pleasure to serve. Aside from the rain on Friday, we didn’t experience anything close to a problem and, in fact, I’m sure we made a few friends and fans along the way. The bike rodeo was a spectacle to behold and the bands were top-notch.

To all those opposed to having a ‘biker’ event in your area, I would like to suggest going to check it out for yourselves next year. I saw locals there that I thought would never attend an event like the stomp but they all agree, it’s a truly fantastic, relaxed and fun event that gives back to the community, as opposed to leaving unpaid bills as past events have done.

Hopefully we have seen the last of Sturgis North and we’ll see you all next year for Summer Stomp #24.

Chris Ross