Support not unanimous

In response to Dan Baskill’s letter in the Friday, May 3 edition of the Shuswap Market News.

In response to Dan Baskill’s letter in the  Friday, May 3 edition of the Shuswap Market News.

First, let’s get things straight here. My four companions and I at least, and there were many others, did not attend the (South Shuswap) Advisory Planning Commission meeting to support you.

We were told before we got into the hall, by one of the commission members, that we should keep quiet. We were reminded repeatedly that “this is not a public meeting, and you will not be allowed to speak.”

It almost seemed as if there was no public right, and your development was “rubber stamped” by this committee. That became more apparent as your inaccurate drawings were commended by other members of the commission.

You were “spanked” as you say six years ago when this issue first came into public awareness. High density waterfront has been denied before, and you seem to forget that there are other neighbors who may not want to have their lakefront cordoned off by an oversized dock system.

You were asked to cease and desist years ago, and you answered by ignoring that order. By some misunderstanding at the municipality, you were granted dock expansion, and now you want to add in excess of 20 more boat slips, plus 19 park model/RV sites, sites I understand you would sell to private persons. What does that do for tourism?

Private ownership of this property does almost nothing for the passing tourist.

The bay is still in jeopardy. Shuswap Lake is still a drinking water reservoir. The only thing that has changed is the list of players. If this is all approved, we can kiss Blind Bay as we know it good bye.

Carol Ferguson