Support positive changes

The time is nearing the November CSRD area directors vote.

The time is nearing the November CSRD area directors vote.

I have lived in the Shuswap for over 30 years and have seen a lot of changes, some bad, some good, nonetheless, a lot of changes.

During that time in Area C, we have had different directors representing us and I have to say that our current director deserves to be recognized.

Ted Bacigalupo has shown Area C that he is here to represent the people and the environment together, in the most respectful manner possible. He has taken on some of the most challenging situations that any director could ever be faced with and shown good results with most of them.

Mr. Bacigalupo is largely responsible for the soon to be delivered successful achievement of an Area C OCP. All past attempts have failed due to the dictatorship of local government.

Ted and a panel of several local people spent five years hashing out, piece by piece, a meaningful document that will serve us well for years to come. Everywhere in Area C, whether it be a park, local business, septic issues, health care, taxpayers or fire halls, Mr. Bacigalupo has been a strong part of the positive changes.

We need this kind of person, with no hidden agenda, hardworking and honest, so that we can continue building Area C with confidence, and at the same time, retaining the natural beauty that we all share. We need to support the unprecedented commitment that Mr. Bacigalupo is offering us.

Bryon Every, White Lake