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Wild Sky Sisters: Capricorn season: Where exploration and freedom meet responsibility

Wild Sky Sisters is a joint venture between Angela Moffitt and Tamara McLellan

Cosmic Unconditional Love

Capricorn season is from Dec 21st - Jan 19th, 2022

We are moving from Yang energy - Sagittarius - Mutable Fire into

Yin energy - Capricorn - Cardinal Earth.

December 21st also marks the Winter Solstice.

A time when the light starts to creep back in.

The returning light is a time to honour rebirth and renewal.

Sacred adventure makes way for form and structure. Capricorn energy needs to build, create and accomplish. Imagine a mountain goat climbing to the top of the mountain.

Self-mastery and emotional authority are strong energies for the Capricorn archetype.

Capricorn season through the elements is cardinal earth. Practical, tangible with great initiating energy. Ruled by Saturn the energy can be restrictive, limiting and authoritative.

A Capricorn embodiment exercise could be to get out in nature. Sit with a tree. Put your feet on the earth (too cold? We encourage you to try it anyways)

Contemplate the land you are on. Recognize and acknowledge those who came before you.

Check out to discover and explore the original people who lived on the land. Give thanks and acknowledgement.

All the Earth signs are pragmatic.Concerned about the physical and tangible results.

Are you ready to start something?

Contemplate the seeds you are metaphorically planting. What is one action step you can take towards whatever you are starting?

Sending you Wild Sky LOVE as the light returns and we get cozy with family and tradition.

This holiday season holds some rocky astrology. It’s time to build traditions and relationships that MATTER.

It is time for maturity and love.

Ang + Tamara

About Wild Sky Sisters:

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