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Wild Sky Sisters: Libra Season, where the “self” meets “other”

Wild Sky Sisters is a joint venture between Angela Moffitt and Tamara McLellan

Cosmic Unconditional Love

Libra season started on September 22, when the Sun moved into Libra.

Libra season and the Autumnal Equinox is the official start of Fall.

We are moving from Yin Energy - Virgo - Mutable Earth to Yang energy - Libra - Cardinal Air.

Sacred healing makes way for sacred relationship.

Libra energy is diplomatic, graceful, harmonious and focused on relationships. With the Sun transiting Libra, our relationships get a boost as does our art and our social justice. Libra wants to see things equal and just and wants to please people.

Libra is Cardinal Air: think of the way a scream originates in the core of the body or the center of a vortex of wind. This is powerful energy that spins and shakes. Don’t negate Libra energy because of its desire for balance - it can be fierce.

Ruled by Venus, the Goddess of love and beauty. Venus wants to create art and sensual pleasures to support her. She’ll magnetize resources to her in the Libra way of charm and grace.

CAUTION - Mercury Retrograde approaches.

We are already in the Mercury retro-shade (the degrees in the Zodiac that Mercury will come back through). Find the area of your chart that has Libra in it and get ready to review, revise and re-evaluate. Likely all of your relationships in your life will get an infusion of this energy in the month of October.

Air signs are all about communication, intellect and being social.

How do I show up in my relationships?

Where do I give? Take?

What relationships do I value?

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