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Salmon Arm Minor Hockey celebrates players, coaches and volunteers

Awards recognize excellence within association for the 2022-23 season
Award winners from the Salmon Arm Minor Hockey Association’s annual awards night, held Tuesday, April 11, 2023. (Kristal Burgess photo)

Salmon Arm minor hockey players, coaches and team members were recognized for their hard work and talent this season.

On Tuesday, April 11, Salmon Arm Minor Hockey Association held its annual awards night at Shaw Centre, honouring its dedicated players who have honed their hockey skills and the coaches and support staff who made the 2022-23 season possible.

Awards and trophy winners of the evening were:

U7 Division

Most Sportsmanlike: F. Thea Larson, Team 1. Elis Cherwinski, Team 2. Jaxon Colonna, Team 3. Lewis Penner.

Most Improved: F. Brooklyn Kusisto, Team 1. Mason Akins, Team 2. Jasper Serviss, Team 3. Eli White.

Most Dedicated: F. Niyah Brink, Team 1. Bentley Blair, Team 2. Vaughn Spencer, Team 3. Daniel Mori.

U9 Division

Most Sportsmanlike: F. Luka Larson, Team 1. Cassidy Baker, Team 2. Jesse Jones, Team 3. Wesley Sawatzky Martens, Team 4. Mason Hearn.

Most Improved: F. Ava Bellows, Team 1. Emmett Laboyne, Team 2. Acelin Bouffard, Team 3. Adam Davis, Team 4. Ewan Van Nostrand.

Most Dedicated: F. Holly Scranton, Team 1. Luke McEachern, Team 2. Tyson Allen, Team 3. Mason Gagnon, Team 4. Troy Sunder.

U11 Female Recreation Division

Most Sportsmanlike: Emma Tipler

Most Improved: Kennedy Geall

Most Dedicated: Mikayla Piggott

U11 Recreation Division

Most Sportsmanlike (Bruce Bartman Memorial): Team 1. Nash Gedak, Team 2. Arthur Watson, Team 3. River Hawrys.

Most Improved (Herb Johnny Memorial): Team 1. Zamin Kasin, Team 2. Arthur Auld, Team 3. Bentley Matousek.

Most Dedicated: Team 1. Charlie Chadwick, Team 2. Easton Hunt, Team 3. Dawson Farrell.

U11 Development Division

Most Sportsmanlike: Connor West

Most Improved: Korben White

Most Dedicated: Kai Cadden

U13 Female Recreation Division

Most Sportsmanlike: Logan Ellis

Most Improved: Presley Blair

Most Dedicated: Claire Henry

U13 Recreation Divison

Most Sportsmanlike (Durant Boyd Memorial): Team 1. Caleb MacDonald, Team 2. Oliver Bullen, Team 3. Noah Kuchta

Most Improved (Dan Renaud Trophy): Team 1. Cole Sleasman, Team 2. Carter Kowaski, Team 3. Jacob Jones

Most Dedicated: Team 1. Victor Voyer, Team 2. Jaeden Girard, Team 3. Mannix Cleverly

U13 Rep Tier 2 Division

Most Sportsmanlike: Eli Butchart

Most Improved: Declan McCrimmon

Most Dedicated (Brody Berg Memorial): Fynn Cruikshank

U15 Female Recreation Division

Most Sportsmanlike: Takara Brett

Most Improved: Hailey Elliott

Most Dedicated: Charlotte O’Brien

U15 Recreation Division

Most Sportsmanlike (Anthony Materi Memorial): Team 1. Will Heckrodt, Team 2. Evan Jacobs, Team 3. Linden Venter.

Most Improved (Lyle Parlour Memorial): Team 1. Alayah Gervais, Team 2. Jakob Ringham, Team 3. Liam Devos.

Most Dedicated (Chris Imrie Memorial): Team 1. Andrea Bliss, Team 2. Austen Calvert, Team 3. Rory Tomm.

U15 Rep Tier 2 Division

Most Sportsmanlike: Latham Smith

Most Improved: Jack Schedewitz

Most Dedicated: Brendan Hughes

U18 Recreation Division

Most Sportsmanlike (Dave Mackay Memorial): Team 1. Landon Fournier, Team 2. Kenji Derosa, Team 3. Christian Johnson.

Most Improved (John Pottie Trophy): Team 1. Kael Barker, Team 2. Jute Norlin, Team 3. Emma Lee Braun.

Most Dedicated (Ole Christianson Memorial): Team 1. Brandon Harvey, Team 2. Kalen Bul, Team 3. Hanna Menzies.

Third Year Most Sportsmanlike Player (Bernie Hucul Trophy): Team 3. Brayson York.

Third Year Most Improved Player (Brad Jackson Memorial): Team 3. Linden Walters.

U18 Rep Tier 2 Division

Most Sportsmanlike: Jay Gilham

Most Improved: Greyson Willey

Most Dedicated (Brendan Burge Memorial): Hayden Thomlinsson


Most Promising: Kenji Derosa

Most Dedicated: Nic Barbosa

BC Hockey Referee School: Avery Blair, Evan Jacobs

Special Award

Unsung Hero: Angus Redmond, David Mueller

Volunteer Awards

Dedicated Volunteer (Wendy Pottie Memorial): Hannah Spencer, Melanie Penner

Scott Atkinson Coach Appreciation Award: Jason Brown, Sarah Botter

Safety Award: Christie Watson

President’s Award: John White

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