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Golden’s boy Boo boogies out of bed

Boo the Bear woke from his winter nap at the Kicking Horse Mountain Resort bear refuge
Boo the bear wakes from his winter nap. (Instagram)

The first day of spring isn’t officially until March 20, but for residents of Golden warmer days are ahead thanks to a signal from a famous local.

Boo the Bear woke from his slumber on March 12. The grizzly, located at Kicking Horse Mountain Resort bear refuge waddled out of his den to stretch and look for food. According to the bear refuge, Boo went down for his winter’s nap in December and only stirred once in January after a warm stretch across the region.

According to the refuge, bears go into a state of torpor, not true hibernation, and it is common for animals to wake up in the den, and even sometimes leave the den if temperatures are higher than usual and the snowpack is low.

The bear refuge captured a video of Boo, taking a look around, and posted it to Instagram, which garnered more than 1,200 likes in just under 24 hours.

Boo is also a social media icon, with more than 7,000 followers on Instagram. Many of Boo’s fans were excited to see he was awake, wishing him a “good morning” and “good day”.

The refuge says the 20-year-old bear is awake for the rest of the season now, which is a good indication spring is on its way.

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