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Great Blue Herons can be seen carrying construction materials across Salmon Arm

Marsh birds move high into trees to build their large nests
A Great Blue Heron carries a stick on April 16, 2021 on its way to its nesting colony in Salmon Arm, high up in large Douglas Fir trees. (Photo courtesy of John Woods)

While human beings in Salmon Arm are busy doing spring-oriented activities like digging in gardens and jogging on trails, so too are the resident Great Blue Herons.

John Woods, a recent resident of Salmon Arm with a keen interest in birds and bird-watching, said he has been amazed how many people are interested in birds in this community.

The heron he photographed was one of a convoy of adult herons carrying sticks and twigs to their nesting colony high up in large Douglas Fir trees. The photo was taken about one kilometre from Shuswap Lake.

“It can be quite amazing to see what looks like a bush with wings as the herons fly across the sky,” he said.

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Martha Wickett

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