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Letter: Sympathy for fight against smart meters

Writer disputes safety of meters, intentions of BC Hydro and province

Re: Resident fights smart meter installation.

I say bravo to Ruzena Labanic for fighting BC Hydro’s attempts to install a radiation spewing fire hazard on her home because that’s all these things are. Unfortunately, BC Hydro specializes in bullying customers and I know of no other business that has the right to do this.

I am sorry to say that unless you can get off the grid, you, and other low incomers like us, will have your power cut off. Hydro originally said we could keep our analogs. That was a barefaced lie because Hydro never had any intention of letting us keep them.

Had the BC Liberals and Hydro told the truth about these meters, more people would have said no to them.

Measurement Canada does not care whether you have a smart meter or an analog meter. They only care that the meter measures accurately, which analogs have been doing for decades. Hydro can (and has in the past) re-certify the meter on the spot but refuses to do so.

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These smart meters are highly combustible (because of the lithium batteries in them) and a power spike can set them on fire, and plastic burns whereas glass and metal don’t. Smart meters also produce something called “dirty electricity” (another health hazard for people).

The previous Liberal government legislated a monthly charge supposedly to cover the cost of reading our analogs (meter reading is only done six times a year) and Hydro has collected ten’s of millions of dollars from us. In the first few years alone, Hydro collected enough money from us to read a declining amount of meters until the cows came home.

If you want the truth about smart meters, go to the Citizens For Safe Technology website.

When former B.C. Premier Christy Clark said these meters were “exempted from being certified safe,” that’s when money became the more important than our health, our safety, and we the people became expendable.

This is a hell of a thing to do to the people who pay their salaries.

Barry Church,

White Lake


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