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Significant rehab planned for Sicamous ball diamonds

Rolling, top-dressing, leveling, aerating scheduled for Finlayson Park
In response to concerns on Facebook regarding the state of Finlayson Park, particularly the ball diamonds, the District of Sicamous issued a statement on the “significant amount of work planned” for the rehabilitation of the facility. (Kayleigh Seibel Photography)

In response to comments on social media regarding “disrepair” at Finlayson Park, the District of Sicamous has assured the community there is a plan in place to remedy that.

In a May 2 post to a Facebook community group, a member stated “the ball fields are so hard that even with steel cleats the surface can not be penetrated,” and the outfields are so rough the commenter was “surprised there isn’t a broken or sprained ankle or knee every week.”

“There is a significant amount of work planned for the rehab of the ball fields this year,” operations manager Darrell Symbaluk said in an email response to the Observer’s query.

The district also released a statement confirming that, and outlining the work planned, which will start next week with mowing and prepping for other upcoming tasks.

“Planned works include rolling, top-dressing, leveling and aerating to ensure the fields are in top condition for everyone to enjoy,” the release reads. “Cutting, profiling and grooming of the infields will continue regularly as the ball season continues.”

Anyone with operations related concerns is encouraged to contact the district at 250-836-2477 or

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