As of Friday, Dec. 11, there were five confirmed cases of COVID-19 at Salmon Arm’s Lakeside Manor independent living complex. (Lachlan Labere-Salmon Arm Observer)

As of Friday, Dec. 11, there were five confirmed cases of COVID-19 at Salmon Arm’s Lakeside Manor independent living complex. (Lachlan Labere-Salmon Arm Observer)

Five cases of COVID-19 now confirmed at Salmon Arm independent living complex

First case at Lakeside Manor was confirmed on Friday, Dec. 4

Five residents at a Salmon Arm independent living complex are in quarantine after having contracted COVID-19.

Seven days after it was confirmed a resident at the complex had tested positive for the virus, Lakeside Manor president Melanie Reinhardt said on Friday, Dec. 11, that five residents were currently quarantining with confirmed cases of COVID-19. For the majority of them, she said symptoms were mild and manageable.

“We’ve amped up our cleaning, we’ve amped up everything,” said Reinhardt. “We’ve taken advice from Interior Health, we’re working collaboratively with them. We’re doing our best to keep our residents informed.”

Reinhardt explained Lakeside Manor staff met with representatives of Interior Health to review health and safety processes and policies in place.

Lakeside Manor staff are conducting daily wellness checks with those in quarantine and, because the public dining area is currently closed, meals for those who want them are being delivered to residents’ doors.

“We’re working hard to make sure we’re providing the best service we can underneath some pretty strong restrictions,” said Reinhardt, adding daily wellness checks will begin next week for all residents, making sure everything is being done to support them.

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“Our key priority is to make sure we have wellness with our seniors, said Reinhardt. “So when they don’t have anything to do and meals are delivered to their rooms, it’s not a great environment for a strong wellness in a month like December.”

With Interior Health’s support, Reinhardt is hopeful some of Lakeside’s public facilities might be open before Christmas. In the meantime, she said residents who aren’t in quarantine are being reminded that it’s still OK to go for walks outside – so long as it doesn’t turn into a social visit – and that they don’t have to be alone.

“The public health order from Bonnie Henry is that if you live by yourself, it’s OK to have one visitor and you don’t have to be totally alone,” said Reinhardt. “We are working safely with that news to make sure they know that. If they have a long time good friend in the building, it’s OK to socialize with that person.”

Reinhardt noted hand sanitizer is available throughout the building and staff have the appropriate personal protective equipment, including medical masks. As for residents, Reinhardt said they’ve been watching out for each other on the mask front.

“They’re the ones who are saying to their neighbours, ‘Get your mask on,’” said Reinhardt. “And of course… if we see a resident without a mask we’re handing them one.

“Wash our hands, wear a mask – that’s how we’re going to get through this.”

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