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Parking rates in Salmon Arm set to jump to keep up with other municipalities

Come July 1, 2022, on-street parking to go from 25 cents to $1/hr, reserved parking rates to double
Salmon Arm is raising its rates for on-street parking and off-street reserved parking, effective July 1, 2022. (File photo)

City council has passed the bylaw making increased parking rates official as of July 1, 2022.

With downtown ticket machine rates still at 25 cents an hour – a rate that hasn’t changed in more than 20 years, on March 14 council approved increases recommended by the city’s Downtown Parking Commission.

The on-street parking meter rate will be going up to $1 an hour.

A city staff survey of several communities showed the average rate for an hour of on-street parking was $1.40.

Salmon Arm was the lowest at 25 cents an hour, followed by Vernon at $1/hour; Nelson, Nanaimo and Kamloops at $1.25 per hour; Kelowna $1.50/hr in seasons other than summer; Kelowna $1.75/hr in summer; and Penticton at $2/hr.

Also increasing are the reserved off-street parking lot rates.

Rates for the Hudson Avenue NW (Salmar) parking lot, the Inner Core NE parking lot, the Avon NE parking lot (on Hudson next to the osprey mural), the 4th Street NE parking lot and the Firehall No. 3 parking lot currently have two rates: $25 plus GST per stall per month and $35 per month for a personalized parking stall.

The rates for those lots will increase on July 1, 2022 to $50/month for a reserved stall and $60 per month for a reserved personalized stall. The 10 per cent discount for the purchase of a six-month reserved parking pass will no longer be available, in keeping with other comparable municipalities. At the Marine Park NE parking lot the regular daily rate is $4 while a daily spot for a truck and trailer (and/or motorhome) is $6.

In comparison with the other communities listed, Salmon Arm is once again the lowest. The average fee per month for reserved off-street parking in other communities is listed by staff as $69.35.

Kamloops’ monthly rate ranges from $40 to $75, Penticton is $50 to $60, Vernon and Nanaimo are $60, Nelson is $100, and a random permit for Kelowna is $81.79/month while an off-street reserve parking stall in Kelowna is $115/mo.

A Salmon Arm staff report noted the increased rates “will allow more resources to further enhance the efficiency of the parking systems including investments in advanced parking meter technology and enforcement.”

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