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Transport truck temporarily clogs Salmon Arm’s steep bending Shoemaker Hill

City’s plans for future Auto Road Connector includes road closure

Salmon Arm’s Shoemaker Hill was temporarily clogged Tuesday morning by a stuck transport truck.

RCMP vehicles blocked off access to the tight bending road on Sept. 13 until a tow truck arrived to remove the otherwise immobilized vehicle, which appeared to have driven past posted signs warning trucks not to travel in that direction.

The City of Salmon Arm’s plans for the future Auto Road connector include the closure of Shoemaker Hill, which is the steep, curved portion of 10th Avenue SE; the termination of 10th Avenue SW at the bottom of the hill; the termination of 10th Avenue SE at the top of the hill; the connection of Auto Road to 14th Avenue SE; two possible underpasses on either side of a high pressure gas main; and the extension of 5th Street SE across to the connector.

With files by Martha Wickett.

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